Why Does My Small Business Need Google AdWords?

When a prospective customer is looking for a product, service, promotion, or anything from anywhere in the world, they’re likely going to search for it on Google. That customer is looking for you, and Adwords gets you found.

More clients for your business

Any business, regardless of size, wants to be found on the first page of Google. Getting seen by customers at the exact time they are looking for your information, products, services, deals or location is intent marketing (marketing based on someone intending to find your products), and it’s profitable.

Right client for your business

With Google AdWords you can compete on the same level, no matter how long you’ve been around or your own expertise. You can get your message viewed by your market, exactly when they’re searching for your specific product, service or offers.

AdWords gives you location targeting options. So if you’re a locally based business, (such as a neighborhood restaurant), a regional company (such as a state bank), or even an e-commerce site (with, say, country shipping restrictions), you can geo-target to get seen by your consumer. And you’re not wasting ad dollars on those who aren’t in your area.

Our support is available 24/7

For every project we have individual approach – your own project manager – a real person and no robots. While someone uses automated processes, we have real people to work with you. We take into account many things while developing Google Adwords strategy – goals of your company, history, your style and company policy.

No hidden payments – you are in control of your budget.

Google AdWords gives you tons of customizable options to track and measure all of your campaigns in one dashboard.

You can, for example, set and track your own goals for:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Traffic to your Website
  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales and Conversions

You can also measure the results of each of your Google Adwords within your ad groups. You can see metrics like:

  • What keywords are performing the best
  • What headlines get the best click-through-rate
  • The times your ads are best performing
  • And so on and so on