Logo design

How much costs logo design?

Logo design price depends on your needs/goals – if you need simple logo (square or cube with 2 letters), price will not be high, however, if there is more complicated task, price will be higher and more then 50 EUR.

Every logo is individual. We take into account company style and policy and typical client which will understand what your logo means. Sometimes several specialists are working on your logo to create the best project.

Logo design consists of several steps. Of course, simple logos are created much more faster.

1) Idea.

We listen to the client and it is essential to understand:

  1. What is your business/service/product?
  2. Which is your market/client?
  3. What is your background?
  4. What about competitors?
  5. Which colours and shapes you prefer?

2) Draft

When we have all answers a draft is created. Several hours spent on draft will help to create perfect digital image. We show you the draft and make corrections if necessary.

3) Digital logo

When we have finished with a draft and all correction digital process can begin. Our designer will create 3 logos to your choice. You can look, make corrections. Together we create a stunning logo and prepare it in all necessary file types.

Logo design is not 1 hour work and sometimes it is not even several days. If you really want to have an outstanding logo, a lot of effort, knowledge and skills have to be used. We are always ready to help you with your new brand!

You deserve a great business logo!